Monica Puerto

NLP Research & Data Scientist. A feminist. A latina. A speaker.

Programming Skills


Django,Regex,Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit Learn, Numpy, BeautifulSoup4, Selenium, Tensorflow, PyTorch

NLP: NLTK, GPT-2, Gensim [LDA, Word2vec, Glove], HuggingFace(BERT)


tidyverse, caret, modelr, MASS, tidytext, stringr, lubriate, acs, Rsocrata, glm, Shiny, leaflet, survey


Redshift, Snowflake, Postgres


S3 buckets, Redshift, AWLS CLI, EC2, Boto3, Lambdas, Cloudwatch, Gateway

Modeling Skills

Worked with both supervised and unsupervised methods. Experience has mostly centered on Natural Language Processing using word embeddings and dimension reduction on text and comparing performance across Word2Vec vs LDA vs BERT. Also have experience in topic modeling with Latent Dirichlect Allocation. Other methods have centered around generalized linear models, random forest, KNN, PCA, XGBoost, SVM, etc. Implement feature importance,residuals analysis, measuring overfitting vs underfitting, sampling, cross validation, regularization, hyperparemeter tuning, ensembling models, bias vs variance tradeoff etc.


Web Scraping

Demoed code about Python's BeautifulSoup4 and Selenium for 3 different organizations.


Demoed code about Python's Package Pandas for Data Analysis

Conditional Statement

Demoed Python code on how to construct if else and while statements


Demoed Functions vs Methods (Object Oriented Programming)


Fundamentals of an R Shiny web app

Python meetup R meetup WWC meetup


American University

Masters Candidate 2021
Data Science

GPA: 3.8

Research Assistant January 2019-Present under the supervision of Dr.Boukouvalas

Textbook Award Recipient 2020

Florida State University

Bachelor of Science 2012
Double Major Finance & Marketing

GPA: 3.5